My curly hair journey began after seeing how passionate my sister Aubrie was about embracing and caring for her curls. She always loved her curls and would always try to help me love and care for mine. She unfortunately passed away before we could fully complete our journeys, and has become my biggest inspiration to never give up and try to help as many others with their hair, just as she helped me. After she was promoted to an angel, I started blogging about my curly hair & shared how I transitioned my hair from damaged hair to healthy hair. I am so glad I did this because it helped me to develop a solid community that encourages everyone to love their hair. During this process, I met so many amazing souls. I connected with a few of my mentors that are in the cosmetic industry and shared my vision of creating mixtures that will enhance existing products and make them work even better! These mentors have helped me bring my vision to life. They also found my personal life stories very inspiring. 


I am a mother of three, help to raise my late sister’s two boys, and have lots of other nieces and nephews I see daily, who all have a variety of different textures of hair. We are quite the group! But, I realized I could still follow my own passion. I love creating concoctions and adding herbal ingredients to existing products to help them work more efficiently! The idea for “hair boosters” was born! My mentors even encouraged me to develop extremely clean products that customers can feel confident are safe to use. 


The first products in my ManeTRxx line can enhance the results of current products - add more volume, increase shine, either soothe or stimulate the scalp! My vision includes expanding my product line beyond just boosters. I cannot wait to share my ManeTRxx magic with you all!


  We look forward to seeing all of the different ways you create your #manetrxxmagic!